Modifications on request, prototypes and customized electronics

Modification on request

Would you like MoPower to have an extra map? A speed limiter? Would you like to mount it on a different engine? Contact us and we will try to meet your needs.


Do you have a particular type of ignition for which there are no commercial units? Do you need an interface circuit to adapt a controller? Are you building a prototype engine and need a customized ignition? Contact us and we can design your new ignition together.

Find how to contact us on the contact page, or by clicking HERE


There are some limitations and terms that you implicitly accept after confirming the purchase of a modification or acceptance of a quote. You can find more information here Read the terms

Some of ours creation

Derbi Dirt Boy 50cc 4T

Control unit and coil to replace the damaged original ignition, no longer available as a spare. Variable advance, two maps and rev limiter to give a little more power to this small 4-stroke.

Pit-bike module prototype

MoPower adaptation on original Chinese control unit, plug and play without modification to the wiring, with original connectors

Pit-bike CDI prototype

MoPower + CDI in the same case, tested on pit bikes with pitom engine

Also watch:


Monferraglia - Uinter Peak 2018

MoPower at 2700 meter of altitude!

trofeo terra

"Trofeo Terra" trophy/Moped Cross

The super competitive trophy where it all started!

chi siamo

Who we are

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