MoPower at 2700m of altitude!

MoPower brings a "Monferraglio" (moped driver) to the top!

The summit of the mountain

Saturday, October 20, 2018 was held the UinterPeak, the 28th edition of Monferraglia, in Gressan in Valle d'Aosta. MoPower has equipped a participant bringing it up to 2700 meters of altitude, with maximum reliability and performance.

MoPower with its double mapping allows to adapt to all the ground conditions, for example having a map for maximum power for challenging climbs or where you need that extra sprint, while a map from wet / slippery bottoms for when the traction is more important of power.

The pilot can change maps at any time by simply pressing a switch on the handlebar, without distractions.

Photo: FB Group "Quelli della Monferraglia"

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