The control unit with variable advance and programmable for moped Piaggio moped and vespa 50/125 small frame and PX large frame with electronic ignition.


Introducing MoPower, an additional control unit that allows you to transform the normal electronic ignition of the piaggio Ciao / SI / Bravo / Boxer / Grillo, vespa 50/125 with 4-pole stator and vespa PX large frame in a programmable ignition at will in advance.

MoPower connects between the original stator and control unit, plug & play, without any modification to the original system and without having to use any battery. (On moped it is possible a modification to increase the advance range)

It is programmed from a PC using the USB programmer and the included software. It guarantees the maximum precision of the advance, it is possible to choose the advance in steps of 100 rpm and 0.2 degrees (example: 22.2 degrees at 9100 rpm, 21.8 degrees at 9200 rpm etc ...). The advance can be mapped from 0 to 15000 rpm.

Two maps are available, selectable and switchable with the engine running via a button to be connected (usually on the handlebar).

The switch is available for purchase together with the control unit, otherwise you can use another already in your possession.

The programming of the maps is also possible with the engine running, there is no need to disconnect the control unit to program it, just connect the PC and load the map.

The control unit is powered by the engine, there is no need for the electrical system of lights or a battery.



Software Video tutorial

Demonstration of the advance variation

Available versions

Piaggio moped with electronic ignition: Ciao, SI, Bravo, Grillo, Boxer, Gilera Eco / CBA / Trend / City.

Vespa 50/125 et3 with 4-pole stator

Vespa PX 125-150-200

recommended accessories

Download software and manual

Download the .zip package containing the programming software, the manual and the guide to modify the stator. <DOWNLOAD>

Do you have any extra requests?

If you need a custom modification, for example an extra map, adapt MoPower to another engine, a software modification etc ... contact us, we will discuss together the feasibility of the project and all the details. You can find all the info on how to make a request on the "contacts" page.


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